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Information on the processing of personal data

The SCIEMCEE, LP22772, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom, N1 7GU (hereinafter “SCIEMCEE”) is providing here information, from its position as a personal data administrator, about the purpose, means and methods of processing personal data, including communicating the rights of individuals whose personal data is processed by SCIEMCEE (data subjects).

SCIEMCEE processes all personal data of individuals in accordance with relevant national legislation and the laws of the European Union, in particular the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing their personal data and on the free movement of this data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (general regulation on the protection of personal data).

Any questions or requests concerning the protection and processing of personal data by SCIEMCEE can be sent to the email address support@sciemcee.com.

Purpose of processing personal data:

  • Preparation, performance and registration of conferences
  • Contacting data subjects in order to fulfill contracts
  • Ensuring the quality of services provided to clients
  • Fulfillment of the legal obligations of SCIEMCEE
  • Tax and accounting purposes
  • Claims recovery by SCIEMCEE
  • Protection of individuals and property
  • Direct marketing

Categories of personal data subjects:

  • Personal data of clients (participants of any conferences)
  • Personal data of other individuals (business partners)

Scope of the personal data processed:

  • Personal details: academic title, name, surname, company registration number, VAT registration number, gender, data on identification documents
  • Addresses: residence, mailing address, work place, university mailing address
  • Contact details: phone number, email address
  • Other information: bank account number

Lawful title of processing personal data:

  • Performance of contracts
  • Consent given by the data subject
  • Fulfillment of the legal obligations of SCIEMCEE
  • Legitimate interests of SCIEMCEE (CCTV – protecting the assets and health of individuals, claims recovery by SCIEMCEE, litigation)

Method of processing personal data:

SCIEMCEE processes all personal date electronically in an automated manner, through electronic systems.

Sources of personal data:

SCIEMCEE acquires personal data directly from the data subject, via email or by application form. SCIEMCEE further acquires personal data from public records, registers, from state authorities, etc., for the purposes for which it has been published or provided.
Processors and recipients of personal data

With regard to specific categories of data subjects, and to meet its legal and contractual obligations, SCIEMCEE is authorized to provide personal data to other processors and recipients, consisting of:

  • The companies of SCIEMCEE
  • Suppliers of IT technologies
  • Alternative suppliers and service providers
  • Other entities involved in the conclusion and registration of contracts and related documents

Rights of the data subject

The personal data subjects are entitled to ask SCIEMCEE for information about whether their personal data is being processed, furthermore are entitled to ask SCIEMCEE for access to this personal data relating to these data subjects, to rectify or delete the data, or restrict the processing of it, and to object to the processing of it, and are also entitled, if necessary, to file a complaint with the Office for the Protection of Personal Data and have the right to the portability of their personal data.

In the event the processing of personal data is based on the consent provided by the data subjects, these data subjects are entitled to revoke their consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on having granted consent prior to revoking it. This consent may be revoked in writing by a letter to the headquarters of SCIEMCEE or via email to the address support@sciemcee.com. In this case, SCIEMCEE is obligated to discard the personal data of the data subject unless it is processed on the basis of another legal title.
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