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The publishing house Sciemcee Publishing, based in London, United Kingdom, accepts monographs and professional works to be published in its new edition series.

Get your ISBN (the British Library)

  • Do you want to publish the results of your scientific work in your own monograph?
  • Are you considering publishing a professional book or several volumes of scientific publications?
  • Are you looking for a publishing house to publish academic texts from your workshops, seminars, or conferences?

Sciemcee Publishing London specialises in publishing professional books, monographs and scientific papers. In collaboration with Nielsen United Kingdom ISBN Agency, we publish professional books and texts for academics, university staff and the wider scientific community.

Sciemcee Publishing

Why publish with Sciemcee Publishing?

We specialise in publishing books in electronic format with their own ISBN. With OpenAccess, your book is prepared for distribution to a broader base of readers, worldwide. This eliminates the costs associated with physically printing books. Sciemcee Publishing can also publish your book on CD / DVD or print out the book in physical form.

How to publish your book with Sciemcee Publishing?

Simply contact us at publishing@sciemcee.com or using the contact here. Our staff will take you through the entire process, at the end of which your monograph with its own ISBN will be made available to readers as it is included in the British Library Legal Deposit Office system and also distributed via Nielsen Book’s products and data feeds.

What are the advantages of publishing professional literature with Sciemcee Publishing?

As we specialise in scientific and technical literature, the entire process is highly efficient and fast. In just a few days after sending the details of your future book (name, authors, length, keywords, abstract, expected date of issue, etc.), you’ll receive information about the possibility of your work being included in our editorial series. As soon as the book has been prepared and revised, the ISBN is allocated within 10 working days.

What will my future book look like?

Sciemcee Publishing allocates a unique ISBN (issued by The British Library) to all books, both electronic and printed. Your future book will be a standard printed book, a book on CD, or an electronic book accessible via the internet. Any scientific and technical texts are accepted.

How much does it cost to publish a book with Sciemcee Publishing?

We specialise in publishing electronic books, which are made available through OpenAccess to the broader scientific and professional community free of charge. This increases the citation impact of publishing a work through our publishing house. The charge for the ISBN is a flat rate of £598.00 (applies for e-books). Other costs depend on whether the author decides to release the book in physical form, i.e. on CD / DVD or printed, as well as on the number of copies, number of pages, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what you need.

Your new book in the British Library

  • Your new book with ISBN of Sciemcee Publishing will be available online also here.
Need help? Feel free to contact us: info@sciemcee.org.
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