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How the SCIEMCEE system works from the viewpoint of a conference participant (academic staff, scientist, PhD student, etc.)

A SCIEMCEE science conference consists of four main phases, each of which is broken down into a number of steps:

I. Conference invitation

  • The conference participant completes a form to register for a particular conference
  • A conference account is set up for the conference participant (access codes)

II. a) Pre-conference - open phase

  • After acquiring access to the conference the participant updates his or her data (contact details, title of article, uploads a photo, supplies the relevant files, etc.)
  • The participant sends the conference article

II. b) Pre-conference - closed phase

  • The conference formally checks the applications
  • The conference articles are reviewed

III. Conference phase

  • The conference participants read the selected texts
  • They are given the opportunity to communicate, exchange findings, contacts (just like at a normal science conference)

IV. Post-conference phase

  • The conference proceedings are prepared and distributed to the conference participants
  • The scientific texts are made available in the conference library


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